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Downtown San Jose's newest highrise building, The Fey is the 13th tallest building in the city.
By David Contreras February 25th 2024


The Quiet Zone Study in Palo Alto: Enhancing Living Experiences for Potential Palo Alto Highrise Condo Buyers
By David Contreras June 22nd 2023


San Jose Top 10 Highrises in Downtown San Jose
By David Contreras March 15th 2023


188 W. Saint James Condo Fire Sale
By David Contreras March 21st 2023 


California Downpayment and Loan Assistance Programs.
By David Contreras April 4th 2023 


Newest Tallest Downtown San Jose Highrise.
By David Contreras April 5th 2023


San Jose Downtown Food News

Original Joe's is a must-visit destination for foodies
By David Contreras March 15th 2023